Beard Burn Gone Unhealthy: Your Companion’s Facial Hair May Give You an An infection

If you happen to thought the worst factor that might occur to you throughout a makeout session was getting a slobbery tongue shoved down your throat, you may be severely mistaken. Apparently, it’s extremely potential to contract a bacterial pores and skin an infection when the individual you are macking on has facial hair.

Do not imagine me? One TikTok content creator shared her own story as proof. In the video uploaded in late March, she documented what occurred to her face after kissing her boyfriend, who has facial hair. The outcomes contain what seems to be to be heaps and many pores and skin irritation. I will let the video converse for itself.


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How does this occur? How can this be prevented? Do you have to now solely swipe proper on bare-faced people on Tinder? We spoke with Mamina Turegano, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist at Skintap, for all of the solutions.

How Can You Contract a Pores and skin An infection From Kissing Your Companion?

Dr. Turegano says this will often occur one among two methods: your accomplice’s beard may very well be harboring micro organism (often staphylococcus aureus — extra generally known as “staph”) or the individual kissing the individual with a beard may very well be a provider for staph.

For context, staph is a sort of micro organism generally discovered on the pores and skin or within the nostril, in keeping with the Mayo Clinic. The micro organism is most frequently unfold via cuts, abrasions, and skin-to-skin contact, however more often than not, these micro organism trigger no issues or lead to comparatively minor pores and skin infections — many individuals carry staph micro organism and by no means develop staph infections. It is also pretty frequent: An estimated “one in three Individuals are carriers of staph micro organism at any time,” in keeping with the Cleveland Clinic.

Now, again to how this might affect you in the event you’re making out with somebody who has a beard. While you kiss somebody with facial hair, their beard or stubble can reduce or create abrasions in your pores and skin, permitting micro organism to enter. And in case your accomplice’s beard is harboring staph micro organism, “the trauma from the beard permits the micro organism to enter into the recipient’s pores and skin and trigger an an infection,” says Dr. Turegano. Then again, if the individual kissing their bearded lover is the provider for staph, “the trauma from the beard might activate the staph on the recipient’s pores and skin, which then needs to wreak havoc on pores and skin.” (That is the case 20-30 p.c of the time, Dr. Turegano notes.)

Based mostly on the video, Dr. Turegano says this particular sort of an infection seems to be impetigo, a bacterial an infection that generally comes from staph. “Impetigo is a reasonably frequent pores and skin an infection that may be very contagious and reveals up as sores or clusters of blisters, generally on the face across the nostril or mouth, however it may be anyplace on the physique,” says Dr. Turegano.

As you possibly can see within the video, impetigo usually has a “honey-crusted” colour look or “dried yellowish/orange serous crust from the fluid that drains from it.” Although it is most frequently seen in younger kids or infants, it could actually occur at any age. And to not concern: impetigo is treatable with topical or oral antibiotics.

How Seemingly Is This, Actually? And How Can You Forestall It?

OK, so I do know this may increasingly have unlocked a brand new concern for you, nevertheless it’s actually not as possible as you may suppose. “As frequent as it’s for individuals to hold round pathogenic micro organism on their pores and skin, the charges of one thing like this occurring remains to be low,” says Dr. Turegano. She notes, nonetheless, that this might all be depending on a myriad of things, akin to your skin barrier, your skin microbiome, the state of your immune system, the coarseness of the beard hair, your stress ranges, and many others. Regardless that it isn’t possible, you will nonetheless need to be conscious that it is a chance, so you possibly can avoid a gnarly pores and skin an infection your self.

How do you try this, precisely? For one, these with beards or facial hair ought to be sure they’re giving their beard some common TLC by washing it recurrently — the advice being one or two occasions a day. Similar to your face accumulates a buildup of useless pores and skin cells and dirt all through the day, so does a beard. And since beard hair is much more uncovered to saliva and meals, it could actually change into extra prone to annoying micro organism, says Dr. Turegano. She recommends utilizing CLn shampoo on facial hair since it isn’t solely antibacterial but additionally light for normal use and for these with delicate pores and skin.

As for these kissing their bearded beaus, it is necessary so that you can hold your pores and skin clear and wholesome as effectively. Dr. Turegano suggests washing your face not more than two occasions a day and moisturizing recurrently to maintain the pores and skin barrier wholesome. If you happen to really feel pores and skin irritation after making out with somebody with a beard, Dr. Turegano recommends cleansing the world proper after and placing on a petroleum jelly-based product like Aquaphor or Vaseline. Dr. Turegano provides {that a} dermatologist may take a look at to see if you’re a staph provider in the event you suspect that you may be creating an an infection or are in danger.

All that to say, no must freak out or bypass all dates with have a beard or facial hair — simply ensure you’re each prioritizing cleanliness, OK?



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