i’m positive

day by day i inform myself it’s going to be okay nobody must know u r dieing inside i take care of this ache that i really feel beep down  all on my own. my household attempt’s to assist me with issues that they know i simply can’t inform them that i’m cuting each time some one ask me if i’m okay or hows my day going i simply say i’m positive it’s going good even tho i’m  not positive my buddies r at all times calling me cuz i by no means  exit with any of them any extra

all i say any extra is i’m positive all i attempt to do is smile so i can disguise the ache behind the smile’s that i pretend all of the layers that i put on will not be cuz i’m chilly it’s to cowl up the issues nobody ever see so i suppose now u know that i’m not okay however they nonetheless don’t know something and i would like it that means i don’t need to upset any no so i don’t say any factor cuz i look after to many individuals however but not rather a lot look after me nevertheless it’s positive cuz i’m positive



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