James Webb telescope snaps mesmerizing picture of Cartwheel Galaxy

A shocking new picture from the James Webb Space Telescope captures the attractive Cartwheel Galaxy in never-before-seen element. The telescope’s composite picture, launched Tuesday (Aug. 2) furthers our understanding of the peculiar wheel-like star system.

The Cartwheel Galaxy is a chaotic galaxy shrouded in scorching mud, 500 million light-years from Earth. And it hides a violent previous.

“Its look, very similar to that of the wheel of a wagon, is the results of an intense occasion — a high-speed collision between a big spiral galaxy and a smaller galaxy not seen on this picture,” NASA representatives mentioned in a statement (opens in new tab)

Whereas the Cartwheel Galaxy has a cartwheel form now, the galaxy was doubtless a spiral just like the Milky Way earlier than the collision. The collision passed off on the heart of the Cartwheel Galaxy, which created two seen rings that unfold out from the impression website. The brilliant, interior ring teems with scorching mud and clusters of younger stars, whereas the outer ring is house to new child stars and supernovas, in line with the assertion. A few of the authentic spiral options are nonetheless seen as streaks between the 2 rings. 

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The most recent picture reveals what’s occurring to this galactic acrobat as it’s reshaped by the collision. 

Two smaller, companion galaxies sit to the left of the Cartwheel Galaxy, with many extra galaxies within the background. 

Whereas the Hubble Area Telescope additionally captured photos of the Cartwheel Galaxy, the James Webb Area Telescope’s infrared digital camera reveals extra stars than could possibly be seen in visible light. That is as a result of younger stars are simpler to see by mud when seen underneath infrared gentle, in line with the assertion. 

The James Webb Area Telescope launched on Dec. 25, 2021 because the successor to the Hubble Area Telescope. The brand new NASA telescope can discover objects 100 instances fainter than Hubble might detect. 

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