Kendall Jenner Has 4 Tattoos, however 1 Is Unattainable to See

  • Kendall Jenner has 4 tattoos that we all know of.
  • The mannequin’s tattoos are all very small and exhausting to see.
  • We have rounded up pictures of every tattoo, together with what they imply.

If you happen to did not understand Kendall Jenner has tattoos, you are undoubtedly not alone. The mannequin is a professional at hiding her tiny-tattoo collection. Jenner’s three most seen tattoos are so discreet which you could’t see them from a distance, and her fourth tattoo is so well-hidden that she even managed to keep it a secret from her mom, Kris Jenner, for a number of months.

It is unclear whether or not Jenner has plans to get many extra tattoos sooner or later, however on Aug. 3, after taking a protracted hiatus, she did add a new one of a cowboy boot to her physique. Regardless that it is nonetheless discreetly positioned, it is far more simply noticed than the remainder of her ink. Perhaps it is a signal that she’s altering her type?

Try the gallery forward for pictures of Jenner’s 4 itty-bitty tats and the meanings behind them.



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