New system for diagnosing bone fragility authorized for advertising within the Europe

A brand new system for diagnosing bone fragility invented by the College Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) and the College of Geneva (UNIGE) has been authorized for advertising within the European Financial Space and Switzerland. Licensed by the Northern Irish firm ProAxsis, it has been launched this summer season. The system is predicated on a brand new strategy to assessing bone high quality through blood sampling. This take a look at is far more particular than present strategies and can considerably enhance analysis and advance the event of latest therapies for osteoporosis.

Bone fragility is a serious public well being downside. The first trigger is osteoporosis, which impacts 30% of the Swiss inhabitants. Sort 2 diabetes, which impacts 10% of the inhabitants, is a danger issue because it will increase the chance of fracture nearly twofold.

Because the inhabitants ages, osteoporosis and fragility fractures are anticipated to extend by 23% in EU international locations, from 2.7 million in 2017 to three.3 million in 2030. In Switzerland, the present annual variety of 82,000 fragility fractures is anticipated to rise to nearly 105,000 in 25 years.

Bone fragility ought to be identified earlier than a fracture happens, as a result of relying on the age of the particular person and the bone concerned, a fracture can result in extreme continual ache and even improve the danger of mortality.

Learn the danger of fracture in a drop of blood

The premise of this invention lies within the properties of the periosteum, a membrane that covers the bones and performs an important position of their development and restore. It secretes a key protein that controls the diameter of the bone and due to this fact its power: periostin. In the course of the bone resorption course of, the enzyme cathepsin Okay degrades it. The digested periostin fragment, known as k-POSTN, can also be discovered within the blood and thus displays bone fragility. The curiosity of this fragment lies in its bone specificity, in contrast to intact periostin, which has been recognized to scientists for a very long time, however which may additionally improve in cardiovascular illnesses and cancers. After a blood pattern has been taken, the quantity of k-POSTN is measured within the laboratory utilizing an ELISA take a look at, a extensively used methodology for measuring molecules in a organic pattern.

Enhancing analysis

The brand new system has the potential to assist healthcare professionals determine and monitor these most liable to growing osteoporotic fractures in addition to these with different bone-weakening illnesses, together with kind 2 diabetes. As well as, it permits therapeutic intervention at an early stage, earlier than a fracture happens, a truth that ought to undeniably cut back the burden of bone illnesses on well being techniques and considerably enhance sufferers’ high quality of life.

A take a look at with excessive potential

This system is meant to enrich bone densitometry, which is the imaging approach presently used to evaluate bone fragility.

It is a course of that may sadly be biased within the case of kind 2 diabetes. The rise in weight and fats mass typical of diabetes blurs the measurement of bone mineral density, which can seem regular regardless that fragile bone tissue is current. The brand new system overcomes these limitations.”

Serge Ferrari, head of HUG’s Bone Ailments Service, full professor on the Division of Medication on the UNIGE School of Medication and co-inventor

The measurement of k-POSTN improves the prediction of bone fragility by rising the accuracy and specificity of the strategies presently used to determine folks liable to bone fracture. ‘Our diagnostic will allow researchers and pharmaceutical corporations concerned within the improvement of latest therapies for osteoporosis to acquire exact, particular and quantitative measurements of the impact of their pilot merchandise,’ states Serge Ferrari.

A novel improvement course of

This discovery is the results of the work of Professor Serge Ferrari and Nicolas Bonnet, a personal physician within the Division of Medication on the School of Medication of the UNIGE.

They first found this new course of based mostly on the direct measurement of a product of the biochemical strategy of pure bone degradation. They then began the event of the ELISA take a look at in 2014. HUG and UNIGE filed an preliminary patent in 2016, following which, the potential and high quality of the take a look at the corporate ProAxsis Ltd, based mostly in Northern Eire, for a license in 2021. The take a look at acquired the CE mark in June 2022 for advertising in Europe.

‘It’s not usually {that a} product developed in a college hospital is marketed. And even much less so in such a short while! We owe it to the wonderful collaboration with our companions,’ concludes Serge Ferrari.



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