Pores and skin-Care Specialists Clarify the Viral “Retinol Sandwich” Technique

  • A “retinol sandwich” is a brand new skin-care methodology taking on TikTok.
  • The development entails “sandwiching” retinol in between two layers of moisturizer.
  • We chatted with skin-care specialists to reply all your burning questions on “sandwiching.”

Retinol is one of those powerhouse skin-care ingredients we have all in all probability heard the title of not less than a few times (or 1,000,000 instances, for these of us obsessive about skincare), however are you aware what the “retinol sandwich” means? Earlier this yr, the “retinol sandwich” methodology went viral on TikTok as a means for people with a dry skin type to make use of the popular skin-care ingredient with out inflicting extreme dryness. The hashtag #RetinolSandwich has over 22.5 million views on the app and counting, and it appears like day-after-day, new movies are popping up the place creators are showcasing their very own spin on the retinol-sandwich methodology, and we now have questions.

For starters, what even is the retinol-sandwich methodology, and does it really work or is it simply one other TikTok magnificence hack we must always scroll proper previous? We consulted with movie star aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar, in addition to SkinSpirit lead aesthetician Karen Fernandez, to get the solutions to all of our burning questions. Hold studying to study extra.

What Is Retinol?

Earlier than we dive into retinol sandwiches, let’s first speak concerning the star of the present: retinol. “Vitamin A, often known as retinol, is a skin-care ingredient that promotes cell turnover, assists with collagen manufacturing, decreases hyperpigmentation, and diminishes and prevents nice strains and wrinkles,” Aguilar tells POPSUGAR. The ingredient is a kind of retinoid mostly utilized in over-the-counter merchandise like moisturizers, eye lotions, and even serums. Each Aguilar and Fernandez advocate utilizing retinol merchandise solely at night time, they usually additionally word that an SPF product ought to at all times be used through the day, because the ingredient makes your pores and skin extra delicate to the solar.

Though utilizing retinol has nice advantages, some frequent negative effects can embrace pores and skin dryness and irritation, which has led many individuals to try to discover methods to keep away from dry and flaky pores and skin with out giving up their favourite skin-care ingredient. Enter: the retinol sandwich.

What Is a Retinol Sandwich?

A retinol sandwich is actually a layer of retinol in between two layers of moisturizer. To do the retinol-sandwich methodology, somewhat going straight into your retinol after cleaning your pores and skin, you begin by making use of a layer of moisturizer to damp pores and skin. As soon as it is fully dry, you apply a layer of retinol. After giving the retinol time to soak up, you end every thing off with a second layer of moisturizer.

The Advantages of the Retinol-Sandwich Technique

The most important benefit of utilizing the retinol-sandwich methodology is it could actually assist these with delicate pores and skin keep away from irritation from the usage of retinol. “Making use of moisturizer first permits the pores and skin to first take in moisture, leaving much less room for retinol molecules to be absorbed and thus lessening the opposed negative effects of retinol. Making use of retinol over moisturizer helps forestall potential irritation similar to dryness, itching, redness, and flaking,” Aguilar says. Fernandez agrees: “It tempers the acid in order that it isn’t as sturdy, which will be irritating to some.”

One other benefit of utilizing the retinol-sandwich methodology is it permits for extra frequent nightly functions. Aguilar says that when you’re making use of a retinol product straight onto the pores and skin, it’s possible you’ll solely be capable to tolerate it one night time every week, however when diluting the retinol, or on this case, layering it, you might be able to use it extra typically.

The Cons of the Retinol-Sandwich Technique

“Oils and water are inclined to neutralize acids, so making use of a lipid-based cream or water-based serum will reduce the energy of your retinol,” Fernandez says. Whereas diluting the results of retinol will be useful for these with delicate pores and skin, if you do not have delicate pores and skin, you would possibly wish to skip this method since you will not see the complete results of your retinol product.

If you wish to keep away from irritation from utilizing retinol however do not wish to dilute the ingredient, Fernandez says one of the best ways to keep away from irritation when beginning retinol is to go gradual. “Begin with utilizing retinol one time per week, and add a day every week in case your pores and skin is acclimating nicely.”



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