Ten days in… Two sensors finish

Ten days come to an finish, and the primary and most blatant, distinction between the Dexcom gadgets and the remainder is instantly apparent.

The Dexcom sensors have come to an finish, whereas the remainder maintain going till 14 days.

This may not look like a giant difficulty, however for fairly a couple of individuals, the flexibility to know that on the identical day of the week, at roughly the identical time, they’ll change their sensor, gives one much less factor to fret about.

Sadly this isn’t the case with Dexcom.

And what of the opposite sensors?

The Aidex and Medtrum stay effectively hooked up, and proceed to offer readings.

The Libre2 fell off inside 3 hours, and whereas I used to be in a position to report the difficulty inside 15 hours, the substitute was solely despatched from the warehouse 9 days later, so there’s no Libre2 information within the closing reckoning.

The Glucomen Day additionally gave up the ghost after 3 days, with the app stopping the sensor session. Glucomen consider it was as a result of sensor motion and have issued a substitute, and as I had a spare, I’ve added that and can not less than have some information, if not all, in line with the identical fingerpricks.

Any preliminary view on the Dexcom information?

There’s a good bit of research to do, however we do have some preliminary MARD-F (MARD from Fingerpricks) information.

  • Dexcom ONE: 9.7%
  • Dexcom G6: 12.1%

There’s additionally the Imply Relative Distinction, which provides a tough indication of bias.

  • Dexcom ONE: -2.3%
  • Dexcom G6: 8%

On this n=1 experiment, the Dexcom ONE has carried out barely extra intently to fingerpricks, while exhibiting a bent to provide values barely beneath them. The G6 was additional away and tended to provide increased values.

Error grids and 20/20 information will probably be produced within the closing summing up on the finish of the experiment.

So can the ONE be restarted?

Because the ONE is on the market on the prescription tariff, there ought to now not be a have to restart, nevertheless, in the event you have been to search out your self not having a sensor and needing to get readings, then the reply is “Sure, it may be restarted with the Dexcom ONE app”. And it nonetheless takes 2 hours to heat up.

And there we’ve got it. The mid-experiment replace. Preserve expecting additional data.



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