that is how i really feel

that is how i really feel,
sorry if i”m loopy sorry if i”m ugly i can”t assist that i”m a large number i can’t do any factor about being a lazy ass bitch and i assume i must dwell with the demons that disguise behind my eyes i must have these ideas intel the day i die, i’m to scared to die however i’m to scared to dwell.
i’m simply achieved with each one telling me that every one of those emotions will move and that days will get beater however i’m achieved with hear that shit i simply need somebody to inform the reality i simply want somebody to inform me that this world is fucked up and that i’m not loopy and that i’m predicted the way in which i’m and that and that i’m not fats or ugly and what i do to myself when i’m alone dose not make me insane. why can’t individuals inform me issues that i would like to listen to cuz all of the shit they do say is just not serving to cuz nobody cares and the world is fucked up so why would they be beater days i perceive i cannot really feel like this perpetually however proper not it dose not appear to be that it looks as if dying is the one reply however i do know it’s not i nonetheless can’t appear to cease pondering what would this world be like if i did finish my life would individuals cry would they miss me they’ll inform me they might be unhappy and never completely happy however how do i do know if it’s the reality. why is that this shit so hared i do know nobody ever mentioned that life can be straightforward however why did they not say it was going to be exhausting both cuz if you concentrate on it nobody tells you it’s straightforward however additionally they don’t let you know it’s going to be exhausting with out saying it or was i simply the one one how seen this or am i simply loopy i do know this can be a lot i don’t even know if any of this makes any since cuz if i am going throw and skim it i’ll by no means posted this cuz all of my finest work is the stuff i don’t give it some thought’s the stuff that i simply let my emotions out on if it’s artwork or a writing sorry this can be a lot



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