Tucker Carlson Snarks That Jackson Water Disaster Will Let Mayor Totally Radicalize Metropolis

Depart it to Tucker Carlson to make use of a public well being disaster to fearmonger about progressive politicians. (Watch the video under.)

The Fox News host broke out his canine whistle on Wednesday to assault Jackson, Mississippi’s Democratic mayor, Chokwe Lumumba, amid a water shortage within the metropolis. Residents are queueing up for water to drink, bathe, prepare dinner and flush bathrooms within the wake of latest flooding that compromised a water-treatment plant amid longtime issues.

Carlson, announcing the mayor’s title with a sneer, confirmed a 2017 clip of Lumumba pledging that Mississippi’s majority-Black capital was going to be “the most radical city on the planet.”

“We’re going to make sure that we alter the entire scope of electoral politics,” he added.

Carlson summed up the town’s water woes, concluding: “In order that’s really a radical metropolis. So radical that you simply actually can’t have water. Subsequent step, take away roads and indoor heating. When you’ve taken away flush bathrooms, there’s actually no restrict to the radicalism Mayor Lumumba can deliver to Jackson, Mississippi.”

Lumumba, who grew to become mayor in 2017, has cited “deferred upkeep over three many years or extra” as the reason for the water system failure, and advocates have pointed to a legacy of environmental racism and Jackson’s excessive poverty price as contributing elements.



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