What to Know About Your Beginning Management After Taking Plan B

When it’s essential to take emergency contraception like Plan B, it is normally simply that — an emergency. Possibly a condom broke, for example. Or possibly you have been taking a hormonal birth control pill, however after having intercourse realized you’d missed just a few days that month, and selected to take Plan B for additional safety. It is a whole legitimate and customary expertise — however, in that case, you would possibly ponder whether it is secure to take Plan B on contraception. Does Plan B cancel out contraception, that means you must cease taking the capsule for the remainder of the month? Or must you preserve taking your common contraception as ordinary, and simply use a backup methodology of contraception (like condoms) till you begin a recent pack? And what about in the event you took a unique sort of emergency contraceptive, just like the prescription-only Ella?

These are all widespread questions, which is why POPSUGAR spoke with two OB-GYNs. They answered all our most urgent considerations and queries about Plan B and contraception. Extra about whether or not it is secure to take Plan B whereas taking contraception, whether or not you must preserve taking contraception after taking Plan B, and the way lengthy you want a backup methodology of contraception after taking a morning after capsule, forward.

What Is Plan B and How Does It Work?

First, some background. Plan B works by interfering with ovulation so fertilization cannot happen, thereby stopping being pregnant. It incorporates progestin, an artificial type of the intercourse hormone progesterone, and needs to be taken within three days of unprotected sex. You should purchase it over-the-counter, and it typically causes negative effects resembling nausea, stomach ache, and irregular bleeding. Value noting: Relying on what morning-after capsule you are taking, in case you are over a sure BMI, there’s a chance it may not be as effective, although the FDA says evidence for this is limited.

Can You Take Plan B Whereas on Beginning Management?

The Plan B web site states, “Plan B doesn’t impression the effectiveness of any common contraception strategies, so you possibly can proceed your common contraception straight away — or begin one, if you do not have a daily methodology.” The identical goes for other progestin-only morning-after pills. That is the case whether or not you are taking a progestin-only birth control, or a mixture capsule, which incorporates each estrogen and progestin (and is the extra broadly prescribed sort within the US). “You’ll be able to take each [Plan B and birth control] on the similar time as a result of it actually is rather like extra ovulation blocking. It isn’t one thing that’s working by a totally totally different mechanism,” explains Wendy Goodall McDonald, MD. “What confuses [people] is that they really feel like Plan B actually is an alternative to the birth-control capsule, and so they’ll cease taking their capsule pack, which isn’t what we would like them to do,” provides Natalie Crawford, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn and fertility doctor. Dr. McDonald suggests resuming your birth control once a day from the place you left off. (That being mentioned, consulting your ob-gyn, who’s accustomed to your private well being historical past and drugs, is at all times a good suggestion.)

Can You Take a Prescription Morning-After Tablet on Beginning Management?

Plan B is OTC, however there’s a prescription morning-after capsule, ulipristal acetate (UPA), which is most commonly sold under the brand name Ella. It may be taken as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse. And in contrast to Plan B, you can’t start taking contraception instantly after taking any such morning-after capsule. Ella is a hormone blocker, and may preserve a hormonal oral contraceptive from working successfully, according to Healthline. So it is instructed that you simply wait at least five days before you start back up in your common contraception (or start contraception for the primary time). As at all times, although, discuss to your physician for particular steerage when taking this drug.

Ought to I Use Condoms After Taking Plan B?

After taking Plan B, UPA, or one other sort of emergency contraceptive, it’s possible you’ll want to make use of a backup methodology of contraception when having intercourse, like condoms, to successfully forestall being pregnant. Dr. McDonald advises that you simply use backup contraception for a minimum of every week after beginning up on contraception once more after taking an emergency contraceptive (and keep in mind that in the event you took UPA, you even have to attend a minimum of 5 days earlier than taking the capsule once more). Dr McDonald says that seven days is ” common window for stopping ovulation going ahead,” however it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to ask your physician for recommendation particular to you, your state of affairs, and the capsule you are taking, to be on the secure facet. (Are you sensing a theme? In terms of safeguarding your reproductive well being, it is at all times a good suggestion to speak to a healthcare skilled you belief so you may get recommendation particular to you, especially now.)

Condoms are necessary; you possibly can’t rely on a morning after capsule to guard you from being pregnant ensuing from unprotected intercourse you might have instantly after taking the emergency contraception. “The effectiveness of both Plan B or UPA is absolutely stopping being pregnant from an encounter that might have occurred three [with Plan B] to 5 days [with UPA] in the past, however that is not essentially stopping being pregnant for a future encounter,” Dr. McDonald says. And Dr. Crawford stresses that contraception does not protect against STIs, so condoms are essential in that sense as effectively. (It’s possible you’ll need to get screened for STIs in case you are taking an emergency contraceptive as a result of your ordinary barrier methodology of contraception, like a condom, broke, slipped off, or failed.)

What Are Indicators Plan B Did not Work?

Dr. Crawford mentioned she’ll see some sufferers develop into involved that their contraception is not working after utilizing Plan B as a result of the morning-after pill can interfere with your period. She usually has to inform sufferers earlier than they use Plan B that they need to anticipate an irregular interval afterward as a result of excessive dose of progestin, which may set off menstruation. However in the event you’re involved the emergency contraceptive did not work, your finest guess is taking a being pregnant take a look at. Deliberate Parenthood suggests taking one if you have not gotten a interval inside three weeks of taking a morning after pill. However, once more, you may also ask your physician about the most effective time to take a being pregnant take a look at.

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