What’s a Menstrual Disc, and Is It Higher Than a Menstrual Cup? We Requested an Ob-Gyn

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There’s been an explosion of environmentally friendly, cost-effective products for menstrual bleeding in recent times. Interval underwear and menstrual cups particularly have gone from merchandise few individuals had been conversant in to family names. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and everybody who has a interval has their very own opinions on what’s essentially the most handy and cozy. The menstrual disc, although, is exclusive in a few very intriguing methods — together with the truth that its design means you possibly can comfortably put on throughout penetrative vaginal sex.

Menstrual discs, that are completely different from menstrual cups (extra on that later), are designed to sit down excessive up within the vaginal canal, just under your cervix. Whereas it may be tough to get the disc in and probably messy eradicating it, menstrual discs are longer lasting than pads and tampons and, for some individuals, extra comfy as properly. Should you’re pondering of attempting a menstrual disc for the primary time or are simply inquisitive about your different choices for interval care, hold studying.

What Is a Menstrual Disc?

A menstrual disc is a flat, versatile disc that collects blood throughout your interval. The disc sits just under your cervix in your vaginal fornix, Renee Wellenstein, DO, a board-certified ob-gyn, tells POPSUGAR. A menstrual cup, then again sits decrease in your vaginal canal and is formed extra like a funnel, says Somi Javaid, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn and founding father of HerMD. Menstrual cups are additionally almost all the time reusable, in contrast to discs, “which will be reusable or disposable,” Dr. Javaid provides. (Should you go for a reusable menstrual disc, know that you’re going to must clean it between uses. Comply with the disc’s directions on cleansing for one of the simplest ways to do that.)

Compared to tampons, menstrual discs are additionally long-lasting — you should use a menstrual disc for as much as 12 hours (although it’s possible you’ll want to alter it extra often if in case you have a heavier stream). In line with Dr. Javaid, menstrual discs will not be but related to toxic shock syndrome, a uncommon however probably life-threatening bacterial an infection for which tampon and menstrual cup use are danger elements.

How one can Use a Menstrual Disc

Menstrual disc insertion generally is a bit tough, because it sits so excessive up in your vaginal canal, however its placement might also make it more comfortable than a menstrual cup as a result of “it’s positioned on the widest a part of the vagina,” Dr. Wellenstein says.

To insert a menstrual disc, wash your fingers and get into essentially the most comfy and accessible place, which is likely to be sitting on the bathroom or standing together with your leg up. Fold the product lengthwise, Dr. Javaid says, and slide it into your vaginal canal “utilizing a back-and-down strategy,” she explains, “pushing it previous the pubic bone.” You primarily wedge the disc behind your pubic bone.

For elimination, wash your fingers and sit on the bathroom. Attain into your vaginal canal and use one finger to hook the rim of the disc, then pull it out whereas attempting to maintain the disc degree and flat to keep away from spillage.

It is the location of a menstrual disc that makes it attainable to have penetrative vaginal intercourse when you use it. Because it sits just under your cervix, the menstrual disc would not take up a lot room in your vaginal canal. If inserted correctly, you and your associate should not really feel it. If the menstrual disc does trigger any kind of discomfort, take away it and speak to your physician to make sure you’re utilizing the disc accurately.

Menstrual Disc: Professionals and Cons

A menstrual disc is likely to be a good selection for you if you wish to have penetrative vaginal intercourse in your interval with out worrying about blood, if in case you have a sensitivity to pads or tampons (or simply don’t love them), or need longer interval protection, Dr. Javaid says. Menstrual discs might also be a good selection if in case you have a heavier flow, as they will sometimes maintain round 5 common tampons’ value of fluid, relying on the model.

Dr. Javaid provides that menstrual discs are nonetheless comparatively new to market (they confirmed up round 2015), which implies we’re nonetheless studying about their downsides. Problem with elimination and potential messiness when you’re pulling it out are two attainable cons to be careful for. Since some discs aren’t reusable, you may want to purchase replacements extra typically than in case you used a menstrual cup, however lower than with pads and tampons.

Whether or not you select to strive a menstrual disc or not, know that the best option for interval merchandise is what feels most comfy and handy for you. Be certain that to speak to your physician if in case you have questions on whether or not the menstrual cup is an efficient alternative for you, and take into account giving it a strive in order for you consolation and strong safety for heavy flows.

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